Dr. Niaz MD

Dr. Niaz MD Helps Obese Patients Reclaim Their Health Through Medical Weight Management

Dr. Niaz MD is a certified physician with years of experience delivering sophisticated solutions to his patients’ health concerns.


Dr. Niaz MD
Dr. Niaz MD

Working on a variety of obesity-related cases, he has coached patients to improved states and used state-of-the-art medical weight management procedures and treatments to help them achieve a healthier life. 


Working for years to improve patients’ health, Dr. Niaz MD has explored many tactical health solutions, specialized procedures, and weight-related cases. He takes care of elderly patients who are unable to leave their nursing homes by making regular visits and performing checkups. He’s a certified examiner for the Department of Transportation where he performs examinations on over-the-road truck drivers. 


“I’d like to be able to help anyone with their medical complications or at least provide enough insight to point them in the right direction,” says Dr. Niaz MD. 


Helping patients with obesity get back into a healthier condition, he’s researched and practiced a range of medical weight management options. Through consultations and proven treatments and procedures, Dr. Niaz instructs patients how to stay on track for weight-loss success now and in the future. 


Physicians such as Dr. Niaz MD use medical weight management programs to deliver treatment in a clinical setting. Alternatively, management programs may be headed up by any licensed healthcare professional including medical doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, registered dietitians, psychologists and others. Weight-loss programs are tailored to fit the needs of the patient, and typically offer a combination of services such as nutrition, physical activity counseling, and behavioral therapy. Some cases may require more specialized services or invasive surgeries, which is all determined during an initial consultation with a qualified physician. 


“A calorie-controlled diet can be paired with increased activity and behavior modification to achieve results at a gradual pace, which is likely to help form new healthier habits,” says Dr. Niaz MD. “However, patients who are hoping to achieve faster results can opt in for surgical solutions.” 


Weight-loss medications (tablets, pills, etc.) are also an option for many patients to help accelerate a new diet and exercise routine. With a range of medications to choose from, physicians will align expected outcomes with prescribed medications based on their effectiveness and previous success. 


In the end, most physicians will agree that the best and longest-lasting weight-loss results are from a combination of help from physicians, dietitians, and behavioral specialists who can improve physical state as well as form new healthier habits. Not every patient case requires extensive procedures to achieve a healthier body, and most can find relief from gradual treatments and checkups. Medical research has demonstrated that weight-loss as low as 5 percent of initial body weight can lead to improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose levels, and insulin sensitivity among others.  


“Whatever weight or state their bodies are in, modern medicine has provided a lot of methods of achieving a healthier body that don’t require breaking the bank,” says Dr. Niaz MD. 

Dr Muhammed Niaz Care to the Elderly

Dr. Niaz MD Provides Care to the Elderly During Regular Visits to Community Nursing Homes

Dr. Niaz MDNursing home patients typically require regular care and guidance from medical professionals, but often they find it difficult to make appointments at hospitals and doctors’ offices. To help, Dr. Niaz MDfrequently visits nursing homes in his community and administers diagnosis and treatments without elderly patients having to find transportation.

For years, Dr. Niaz MD has proved his devotion to patients and his medical prowess by earning top accolades and special certifications in his field. He’s spent decades providing top-notch care in a range of medical capacities, such as serving as an OTR truck driver examiner for the Department of Transportation. In addition, he makes frequent visits to nursing homes to ensure that elderly patients in his community receive the care they deserve without having to travel to medical facilities.

“We have nursing homes in our communities where elderly people require medical attention on occasion but who don’t have the means of getting to their doctors to receive care,” says Dr. Niaz MD. “By making visits, I can build relationships with the nursing home patients and provide regular checkups and medical care as needed.”

Nursing home staff work with patients to develop a care plan that fits each of their individual health needs. Many times, however, this requires traveling to offsite medical facilities which may have to be coordinated into group ventures. Dr. Niaz MD provides a solution to the elderly in his community by visiting the nursing homes and monitoring patients’ health.

During his visits, Dr. Niaz MD performs regular health assessments and coordinates medical care for each patient. Working with nurse staff and relaying information to permitted caregivers, he delivers professional medical guidance to geriatric patients with complex health issues.

“By speaking with nursing staff and family members, I gain a better understanding of patients’ health standing and can provide my insight,” says Dr. Niaz MD. “Regular checkups reveal fluctuations in patient health, such as changes in blood pressure or respiratory health, and help us avoid major complications by recognizing symptoms early on.”

Dr. Niaz MD serves as a bridge between medical and nursing home caregivers to ensure elderly patients can live their healthiest. Apart from his work in nursing homes, he serves as a Diplomat of the American Board of Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine as well as a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management.

As a certified clinical densitometrist and Fellow of the American College of Physicians, Dr. Niaz MD demonstrates excellence in healthcare. He earned the Best Research Award of 1996 during his internal medicine residency program in Washington, DC for his work on “Thrombosis in Acute Coronary Syndrome.” He’s a recipient of the National Leadership Award and also serves as Honorary Co-Chairman of the Physician Advisory Board.

Dr Muhammed Niaz DOT Examiner for OTR Truck Drivers

Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD Becomes DOT Examiner for OTR Truck Drivers

Dr. Muhammed Niaz MDDr. Muhammed Niaz MD applies scientific knowledge and clinical expertise to the diagnosis, treatment, and compassionate care of his many patients. Recently, to help certify over-the-road (OTR) truck drivers for work, he has earned certification as an official examiner with the Department of Transportation.

Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD is a renowned physician who has earned many certifications and accreditations in his professional career. Currently he serves as a Diplomat of the American Board of both Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine in addition to serving as a Diplomat of the American Academy of Pain Management. He’s a certified clinical densitometrist and Fellow of the American College of Physicians as well.

Dr. Niaz earned the Best Research Award of 1996 during his internal medicine residency program in Washington, DC for his work on “Thrombosis in Acute Coronary Syndrome.”
He’s a recipient of the National Leadership Award and serves as Honorary Co-Chairman of the Physician Advisory Board.

“My mission is to improve the health of individuals through excellence in patient care,” says Dr. Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD. “I’ve always strived to provide only top-quality healthcare and constantly seek out new ways to share my understanding of health and medicine with others.”

Recently, Dr. Niaz has extended his expertise to the Department of Transportation, where he oversees medical certification for OTR truck drivers. In order to drive commercial motor vehicles, busses, and other heavy machinery, drivers first must undergo medical examinations to determine if they are fit to be an operator. The DOT achieves this by enlisting the help of medical examiners like Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD who have completed training and the certification required. These physicians measure the physical fitness and the overall well-being of each driver in an effort to keep the roads safer.

The trucking industry is often called the backbone of America since many daily needs across the country are fulfilled by the loads they carry. However, because the vehicles they drive are so massive and heavy, drivers must prove that their medical standing won’t get in the way of their performance.

Not everyone can become a medical examiner for the DOT; they must first meet exemplary requirements and train under the department’s standards. After, they must complete the FMCSA Medical Examiner Certification Test, which includes FMCSA-specific information and knowledge about the requirements of commercial motor vehicle drivers and their positions.

Once completing requirements, DOT Certified Medical Examiners retain their certification for a decade. However, they are likely required to undergo periodic training every 5 years to ensure they are up-to-date with standards and changes in the industry, dedicating themselves to an expanding knowledge base.

“As a certified examiner, I exercise my medical understanding to protect America’s highways and ensure this vital system runs as safely and efficiently as possible,” says Dr. Muhammed Niaz MD.