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Dr. Muhammed Niaz

Medical Professional Dr. Muhammed Niaz is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Obesity Medicine, and Sleep Medicine

Through decades of outstanding service as a medical professional, Dr. Muhammed Niaz has set the bar for his peers and regularly encourages them to improve their offerings to optimize patient care. To date, he has been board certified in internal medicine, addiction medicine, obesity medicine, and sleep medicine, making him one of the most highly-capable […]

Dr. Niaz MD

Dr. Niaz MD Discusses the Positive Impact of Electronic Health Records on the Medical Industry

As a medical professional, Dr. Niaz MD understands the time-cost of paper health records and their intrinsic room for error. Instead of relying solely on paper forms of documentation, he suggests doctor offices everywhere invest in electronic health records to optimize time and efficiency.  Dr. Niaz MD is a healthcare professional with decades of experience […]